Headshot Don CloudFor the past four years I have enlisted the coaching services of Matt Miller, and his executive coaching has transformed my practice. The return on investment has been exponential for my business as well as my health. I feel empowered, encouraged and focused, without the overhang of stress in my daily activities. Without the “mental clutter” that used to hold me back, my business has increased by 400% since working with Matt. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I cannot wait to see what I can achieve with the assistance of your continued coaching services.
—Don Cloud
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Huntsville, AL


Headshot April CrewsI chose a very high pressure, performance based career. Prior to my work with Matt, I often felt over-extended, stressed, and consumed by ‘mental clutter’. As a result of my coaching with Matt, I significantly reduced my ‘mental clutter’ by learning how to train myself to think more rationally, to control my thoughts and emotions, and become more productive. I realized a return on my investment in coaching with Matt by more than 1,000 times in a relatively short period of time. My productivity has more than doubled. Matt has a way of providing an amazing level of clarity and focus, and I look forward to seeing what many more months and years of coaching will bring to the betterment of both my professional life and my personal life.
April Reed Crews, CEO Retirement Specialist & Investment Advisor Representative
Reed Financial Group
Snellville, GA


Ron CourserMatt and I have been working together for a little over two years and his coaching help has had a direct impact on the direction of our firm and the bottom line results. His coaching technique is direct, but not overbearing. He has shown us how to build processes and systems… how to build a business… lessons that have made us much more client centered and more successful. This year’s revenue, through August, has already surpassed our revenue for 2011 and is a record for us since our founding in 1994. With Matt’s coaching, our firm is growing, we are able to use and bless others and other organizations financially in a way we could only have dreamed about just a few short years ago. Matt has my whole hearted endorsement and I intend to
keep him “on staff” as both a coach and mentor.

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Ron Courser, CFP® Ron Courser & Associates Representative
West Michigan 401(k)/IRA Retirement Specialist
Grand Rapids, MI