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Executive Coaching

Matt Miller has spent the last 9 years offering performance, executive, leadership, and business coaching.  Mr. Miller’s clients include high-level executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, financial advisors, and professional athletes.

Matt Miller’s coaching process is heavily influenced by cognitive behavioral theory, and was shaped by his many years of providing group and individual psychotherapy to clients. This unique counseling background has positioned Mr. Miller to be highly effective in coaching executives, business owners, and other high-achieving, and competitive professionals.  Mr. Miller has also spoken at multiple corporate events from West Palm Beach, Florida to Laguna Beach, California.

Past and current client testimonials can be read here.


Executive Coaching Training

Matt Miller trained at The College of Executive Coaching, located in Pismo Beach, California. Attendance at this prestigious coaching college is exclusive to professionals holding a Masters Degree in the social sciences. This accreditation separates Board Certified Coaches (BCC) from other self-proclaimed coaches who might only be experienced in certain business administration environments and modalities.

To receive the title of BCC Matt Miller has:

  • Met educational and training requirements
  • Passed a coach-specific examination
  • Obtained experience in the field of coaching
  • Received professional peer references
  • Shown accountability to an enforceable an ethics code
  • Committed to continuing education

Significant Professional Influence on the Field of Psychology

As a recovery coach and addiction counselor, Matt Miller made a significant contribution to the development of the fifth edition of the DSM.  Mr. Miller was one of the first practicing clinicians to be invited to directly participated in testing the feasibility and clinical utility of the proposed DSM-5 diagnostic criteria, a task usually carried out by only academic investigators.  Mr. Miller’s input helped to refine and revise the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria and develop the strongest manual possible for clinicians and patients.  As a DSM-5 Collaborating Investigator Mr. Miller was required to complete extensive training, show keen attention to detail, implement and test the newly proposed diagnostic criteria.

Matthew D. Miller, M.S., LPC, NCC, ICADC, ADC, BCC
DSM-5 Field Trials Collaborating Investigator
Licensed Professional Counselor by the Alabama Board of Examiners in Counseling
National Certified Counselor by the National Board of Certified Counselors
Internationally Certified Advanced Alcohol & Drug Counselor, Certified by the ICRC
Advanced Alcohol & Drug Counselor, Certified by the Alabama Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association
Board Certified Coach by the Center for Credentialing and Education, Inc.



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